April 29, 2010

Journal Love

A little while ago, about a year, a fellow blogger friend of mine bought a "Wreck Journal" and well wrecked it. For some people it might seem really horrible to buy a book and then rip a page out, burn a page, or scribble all over it...Well then this book may or may not be for you. It's a way at experimenting and being creative in a very destructive way. Which can be a really good thing sometimes. I am going to pick myself up a copy this summer and go through the pages in no particular order. I love the idea and think it would be awesome. I also bought a normal everyday composition notebook. I made a list of things I wanted to do in May and hopefully will complete it. I put one of my "21 before 21" things in there too so I'll hit two birds with one stone.

Here is my May To-Do List if you want to keep up with it.

OH OH, and there will be a movie review tomorrow and that will be the end of my Nablopomo month. I appreciate everyone who read and commented!! I love you all!


  1. you have not tried nutella *gasping* girl..you have not lived... love your list. i am going to create one.

  2. I really Really REALLY! want a Wreck This Journal! It looks so fun =D
    I've not tried Nutella either. I'm a little weary of trying it because I heard it was kind of hazlenut flavored (which is one of my least favorite flavors).

  3. Yeah I've never had it but every blogger buddy I have has pretty much tired it or loves it so I have been thinking about trying it. and yeah I heard it tastes like a chocolaty hazelnut...

  4. I have this book! and it's so fun.

  5. Oh I'd love one of those journals! I've thought about buying one but never got around to it. It's such a fun idea!

    P.s. Nutella is AWESOME! Chocolatey hazlenutty goodness! Om nom nom.

    Haha! my verification word is "muticia". Kinda like Morticia from the Adams family, but in mutant form :)