May 1, 2010

oh Whatcha say????

Yesterday was the end of my Nablopomo. So I won't be posting every single day like I have been. Thank you all who followed or commented while I was posting random things. Phew it's harder than it seems. But this coming weekend "Friday May 7" I will do a v-post! Did I just make up a word? Maybe! Anywho, If anyone wants to ask me a question whether it be what I think about an issue (yes I will go there) or what my favorite ice cream flavor is I will answer it. But I will answer it with a video..which is something I'm not used to doing. But if you have questions I will answer them your not limited to any number either! Just post your questions in this post and they will be answered next week!


  1. are you religious? if yes, what religion? if not, what are your beliefs?

    plane ticket to anywhere. where would it be and with who (if anyone)?

    what's your favorite thing in nature?

  2. Alright, my question is, if you could only own 5 albums (and that's it) what would they be.

    The same with books and movies.

  3. Yay! Video post! I so want to do one of those!

    Hmmmm..let me see.Ok,
    If you could go back in time to meet and interview one person from history (famous or not)who would it be?