May 27, 2010

Red: Interactive Story Scene 7 Option C

Hello! I'm still on break but Scene 7 has ended and I didn't want you lovelies to have to wait that long to read it. Option C was the winner and it certain took a huge turn for the story but then again all the options were HUGE turning points. I'm going to put up a new poll and when I come back i'll post the next winner! Thanks again for voting!

Scene 7 option C

Axe’s world was melting away; the trees merged into the grass, the blue sky plunged into the waters, and the animals disappeared. He was loosing touch with reality. Axe blinked the tears back and in an instance Nyall was gone.

“Axe…. Axe… Axe…” came a sweet voice

Axe looked around for the source but his world was turning into a water color painting very fast.

“Axe…. Axe please wake up” whispered Red

Axe’s consciousness came back to the present; the dream had seemed so vivid. Blinking rapidly and tasting the morning breath he sat up staring at Red. They had been together now for three years happily married. But recently Axe had been having dreams from when he was a child. About the night Red went missing. She says she doesn’t remember anything about it. Axe isn’t even sure it ever happened or if it was all a bad dream.

“Axe, honey are you okay?” questioned Red worried

“Mmm, I’m okay ‘oney just ‘ad that strange dream again is all!” said Axe

“Still? Well I really don’t remember that ever happening but I’ll call Needles and see if she remembers, okay?” said Red

Axe nodded with a smile ready to put the whole thing behind him. The whole dream seemed off and it worried him.

“Hun, get dressed and I’ll fix your fav!” said Red with a grin

Axe smiled heading towards the closet. After putting on some jeans and a tee he made his way to the kitchen. Before he had the chance to bite down into his french toast the door bell rang.

“Dang it!, people always come around during meals…” Axe grumbled while making his way to the door.

Axe opened the door…

“Hello, Axe…” Said Lyall with a grin “Long time no see”

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