May 10, 2010

answers to questions video style

Sorry this is late, this is the v-post for the questions you lovelies asked me last week!!!


  1. I love this video! It made me want to sit and talk with you for hours. I love you're accent too! haha, sorry if I sound creepy!! Please do more video posts :)

  2. hahaha it's okay, i will probably do these again or mix it up...who knows. And if I ever get my butt to England we will totally talk for hours...over food!! <3

  3. Aww, you are so cute! And even prettier on vid than in photos!
    And i wuvs you too! *hugs*
    Ah yes, Joan of arc would be interesting- plus you are very sensible about the whole time travel thing :D

    And I TOTALLY share your views on religion!

  4. **Blush** thank cameras make me stupid..

    turn it on point it at me...instant stupidity

    And that was a tough question, both the what I believe and going back in time.

  5. You didn't sound stupid!
    Sorry it was such a tricky question! i don't think I'd know how to answer it myself to be honest! :D

  6. I loved the giver great book!! Your so brave doing a video post, I am way to chicken to do that. Loved it!!

  7. oh and I was trying to youtube the ten minutes long vidoe... can't find it can you share?? :)

  8. Namine- are you asking where my video is on youtube??

    that's the url for it, but if you double click the video on this page, one click let it start playing and then click the picture again it will open it up in youtube.

  9. oh my gosh I feel like an idiot...It just donged on me what you meant...hahaha "Kung-fu Love"

    here is the url: