May 28, 2010

Hmm, did I forget to mention....

Again I'm still on break but I didn't want to leave cold turkey so I made a few scheduled posts to pop up to keep you slightly entertained! If you have been wondering what i've been doing to keep myself busy because let's all be truthful the internet is a great tool to search and find things on and we can get a bit lost in it sometimes, i know i do.

So I decided I was going to carry around a mini recorder (Ipod) and document a bit of what I did....make a mini clip you can watch when I return! We will see how it turns out i'm still not all that sure how to turn ipod videos into windows compatible videos...but I guess i'll figure it out when I get back! hahaha

Hope you're having a great time and have a great weekend I'll be back Sunday!!

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