May 16, 2010

Movie Review: Ponyo

Recently I watched Hayao Miyasaki's Ponyo which was loosely inspired by Disney's Little Mermaid. Ponyo is a fish who gets rescued by a little boy named Sosuke (so-s-kA) and she falls in love with him. The desire to become human drives her from that point on. Her father doesn't want her to be human at all, in fact he detests them even though he himself used to be one. The down side is Ponyo can't be human and magical at the same time so completely unaware she creates a rift in reality. She and Sosuke have to make a huge decision based on if Sosuke loves her back and if she wants to let go of her powers. Now the movie itself I loved, Hayao can do no wrong in my eyes. I will say that this isn't his best movie. Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away are much better stories. Ponyo is beautifully done in a water color style art. My favorite character in the whole movie was Lisa, Sosuke's mother. She is by far the most understanding person EVER. During the whole movie she never questions her son once, or holds back, possibly the scariest driver though. She gets upset once about her husband not being able to come home from his fishing job (out at sea), which is understandable. She is kind of the mother I would strive to be minus the crazy erratic driving part.

I give Ponyo 4.5 chips out of 5!!!

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