May 17, 2010

Books, books, and more books!

So one of the gifts I got from graduating recently was a B&N gift card...which I hastly used within the hour it touched my hands. I bought four of the books on my 10 to read this year plus I got the "Wreck This Journal" book! Very excited about that, they will be arriving in the mail soon I hope.

I also recently marked off some things on my "21 before 21 list" and "May To-do List" hopefully both will be finished before their respectful dead lines! I even have a friend who is really excited about the whole thing and is willing to help me achieve some of them...especially "getting my palm read".

Hope everyone gets to cross something off their lists soon whether it's a simple to-do list or a Bucket list. The satisfaction of setting something in your sights and doing it...then marking it off your list is such a gratifying feeling.


  1. what books did you get? I love the pic of your journal, it makes me so happy seeing pages being used and not left blank. :)

  2. Ali: I got the mysterious Benedict society, love is a mixed tape, the absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian, wolves - boys - and other things that might kill me, and wreck this journal!

  3. Oh I have see the wreck this journal. Look so neat. I love buying books!!
    That's fabulous you are getting your goals done!!

  4. Woo! I haven't had a chance to say it because I've been kinda absent (i.e. dying under piles of revision and homework!) but congratulations on graduating! That's so great! Not to mention exciting! Awesome! What did you mark off your before 21 list? Ahh! Those 'Wreck This Journal' things are awesome! :D Have fun with it! :D :D ♥

  5. Meleonie: I marked out graduating! I'm hoping to mark off another soon (maybe this week) but we'll see and THANK YOU!!

  6. Woot woot! I LOVE new books! My parents and sis usually give me vouchers to book shops for christmas presents, and it always makes me excited :) I love that new book smell. People think I'm weird, but i always open my new books and give them a good sniffing! Um, then i read them obviously...just smelling them then putting them in the bookshelf would be a little weird.
    Happy reading!
    I definitely need to write a little list of things to do. Having them written out makes the goals a little more tangible somehow. must get on it!
    Have fun with Wreck This Journal too!