May 30, 2010

Movie Review: Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

This was such a thought provoking movie. If you like movies that demand you to think about the content you will enjoy this movie. The plot can be slightly unclear until the end but the main character Sara Quinn has recently went through a brake up and while trying to understand she starts conducting interviews with men. In the end trying to figure out what makes men tick.

There is one line that I really like, it goes something like "feminism isn't just about women" WAIT COME BACK!! crap.. any who there is truth to that. It isn't just about how things effect women. Men do, whether they show them or not, have emotions. And one of the men she interviews really brings that out. Even the main character brings up that fact at the end.

I will say that if you do get easily offended, WHY ARE YOU ON MY PAGE, then you shouldn't watch this movie because again this is a movie where a girl interviews men about their sex or love lives or just their opinions on women...

What I didn't like about the movie is the fact that they don't make it truly known what is going on with the lead actress. She's quiet through out most of the film, and I mean that I think she says three or four sentences, not included this one scene that you think is happening but it never does it's in her mind. But you don't know that unless you really listen to the man. It's basically what she always wanted to say to him but never did...actually the whole scene with that subject is quite confusing...

I gave it a 4 out of 5

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  1. Sounds intriguing I am gonna see if I can find it now