May 6, 2010

Can you spot the truth?

Meleonie over at "The ramblings of a teenage Daydreamer" tagged me to do a very different kind of meme that she created herself. I was very obliged to follow through. The rules are to list 4 truths and 4 lies, then at the end give explanations on which are truths or not. And I tag anyone who wants to do it!

1. Sour Cream and onion chips are my crack
2. Pink is my favorite color
3. I attract the craziest people (good & bad)
4. I was a pathological liar when I was a child
5. I use to be an all-star gymnast and I won first place at my first competition
6. I always had a boyfriend
7. I was popular in high school
8. I've been to almost every state in America at least once or driving through.

1. TRUE: if you leave me alone with a bag of SC&O they will be consumed really quickly. I can't help it they are so good!!!

2. FALSE: weird huh? Actually White is...but some argue that's not a color so I guess right now it's yellow or orange.

3. TRUE: I got bombarded by a Jehovah's witness once at a gas station...never do that to someone I couldn't just leave my pump I had already started...and she's trying to get me to follow a gas station. I have other stories but that's for another time.

4. Sadly TRUE: when I was a child I was so hyper I don't know I would think these things up and then apply them to real life. I once convinced my class, think I was in 1rst grade, that I was from japan and that it was on my grade card...they all believed me until one of my friends ask my dad...busted! hahahaha

5. TRUE: When I was 7-8 I tried out for gymnastics and tumbled my way up to the all-star division. We went to a competition and I won first place. Then I got an ulcer and had to quit. When I went back to start again I had found out that my coach had to sell her building and she had left. bummer

6. FALSE: I only dated someone if I truly had an interest in them. I would never date someone just to go out or be able to say I had a BF.

7. FALSE: hahaha I was hated, I kid you not, even despised by some. I actually had a teacher conspiracy my junior year to sabotage my credit and my top ten status, I ended up graduating early because I couldn't take the stupidity of it all. I was also if at all possible a wall-flower. I was so good at it i could be absent and teacher would mark me present.

8. FALSE: I've never been North or West of my state....i've been to 6 states maybe 7 but I don't think we actually crossed the state line so 6. But i hope to make that a truth one day!


  1. Sounds like you were a very imaginative kid! haha, from Japan :D That's cute.
    And you were a gymnast! Wow! That's such bad luck about the ulcer :( And coming back to realise the coach had left! Double bad luck!
    And i find it impossible to comprehend why ANYONE would hate you!!!!! I'm glad the stupid school days are over.
    This was an interesting read!

  2. Those are some very interesting true and false things. I was surprised at some of the outcomes. I can't believe you weren't popular. You seem so interesting...but then again, all the cool and artsy people are always outspoken.

  3. hey gorgeouz blog i LOVE it =) follow back??

  4. okay. interesting story on the crazy people!!
    I have something for you on my book blog

  5. thanks everybody, sorry for the long break

    and Namine i'll get on that!!! thanks for the tag.