May 14, 2010

RED: Interactive Story Scene 6 Option B

Whoops, Red got pushed back a little. The winner was option B and the new poll is up thanks again for voting if you did. I'd like to think we are around the middle of this story...depends on which way it goes but that's the whole point it's a mystery.

Scene 6 Option B

Paws pounding on the leaf covered ground, letting the wet scent of dew fill his nose. Even after all these years the beauty of nature had never dulled to him. Heading towards his spot, the place he can think, a clearing in the thick forest small enough to be insignificant. Lyall halted in the center and began to morph back into his human like appearance. Thinking to himself of the earlier encounter with Red in his Human form…

“She’s so innocent and youthful. This whole arrangement should have waited longer, she’s not ready…not even really aware of what’s going on…what’s about to happen. Ulric is too set in his ways to stray from the rules. I suppose it can’t be helped…”

“….hmm” Lyall smelled something in the trees

Axe leaped from the shadows and ran hard at Lyall. Fists tight, toes digging into the dirt, jaw clenched in anger. Axe brought Lyall down fast onto the soft soil. He made contact with skin, his fist hitting the same spot over and over… his breathing became erratic

Lyall laid on the wet ground letting the small child, no bigger than him, beat down on him, knowing full well he could take him in either form. Nothing really hurt anymore, no this was nothing…why fight it.

“Give Red back; give ‘er back NOW!” Roared Axe

Lyall looked on with shock, “Why do you think I have the one you call Red?”

“I know it was you, you took ‘er…” Axe yelled with pain in his eyes

“I know you did, I saw you change…just now. You were the wolf from the other night, it was you! ” Axe panted with exhaustion

“Give ‘er back…please…please give ‘er back” Axe whispered with tears in his eyes

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