May 13, 2010

Songs of my life?

Ali from Ali in Wonderland decided to make a playlist of her life and I thought it would be and interesting thing to accomplish. I put it on my May To-Do list and was happy when I got to mark it off. I also realized that most of the songs are angry or sad. I hope that when I make another one later down there will be more happy-go-lucky songs!

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Meaning of why I chose those songs!
1. until I was four I couldn't really talk *no vocals*
2. I learned how to talk and I was the most hyper child ever..
3. did I mention adventurous
4. this was when my parent's started to realize they needed a divorce but i didn't
5. when I thought it was my fault
6. I become torn
7. I felt like everything was falling apart
8. I decided to live with my dad and then we moved to florida
9. I was happy
10. I realized rather quickly i didn't fit in there
11. I came home but realized my friends had learned how to live without me
12. my dad was diagnosed with cancer
13. I was mad at ever smoker i saw
14. I walked around like i was out of it, tired
15. I realized that I didn't fit in at my high school anymore
16. I met jodi
17. Jodi and I's first dance
18. I was really happy being with jodi he made me remember to not stress out so much
19. kind of forgot what jodi taught me and started stressing out about college to a point where I was getting sick
20. I graduated and I'm so FLIPPING HAPPY!!


  1. Aww, this quite a heartbreaking list :( You've been through some tough times. *giant hug* I am very glad it ends on a happy note though! Let's hope there is more of that happiness to come! ♥
    Even though the meanings are sad, i like the music! I'm drawn to sad/angry songs.There is always a kind of beauty to them, which i guess is kinda soothing when we're feeling crappy.

    May sickeningly happy times await you!!!!!

  2. zomg, the hamster dance song!!!

    Lenka *is* a good note to end on.