December 11, 2010


I DECIDED, that starting New Years i'm going to email one person a month, that are on my facebook. I started thinking about things earlier and I got a bit flustered over the whole thing. When I first started a facebook page I only added people I was truly friends with but as time went on I started adding people that I happened to know through school or friend of friends type situation. I guess the thing that got to me was most of these people live in the same town as me. They see me at the food store or at the gas station but not once has any of them ever said hi to me and on the off chance they are "forced" into conversation they barely talk to me. What is up with that, you weird people who like to keep up with what's going on in my life but you can't stand to share a few words with me, WTF?

Then I wondered, am I thinking to much about this? Does it even matter? But I guess in a way it does matter to me other wise I wouldn't have got so aggravated about it. YOU, YES YOU, my blogger friends converse with me more than the people in my town, except my close friend J. I don't mind that I talk to you lovelies more its just why should I be "friends" with someone if all they want to do is keep tabs on me, its a bit creepy if you think about it. Like a "big brother" type deal, meh. I don't like it.

I try to be the person that tried in a relationship even if it is just a friendship, even if it means me looking like a fool I want to be able to say I tried. But after you try and try or put forth effort and they don't even acknowledge you...what's the point?

so i'm going to write a email to one person a month on my facebook, it will be random. But I decided if they don't respond I'M DE-FRIENDING THEIR ASSES! HA!

Got a little bit carried away there hahahaha


  1. a good idea. let us know how it goes.
    since I deleted and remade my FB account, I have far fewer (none?) of those types, and I try not to be that person either.

  2. I have removed everyone from my FB who if I walked by on the street I won't say hi too. So now I know everybody on it and I LIKE to talk to them! This is a really good idea, see how many people respond!!

  3. I only add people on my facebook profile if they are people I would actually talk to in real life. Sometimes people request me and I feel obligated to accept, though.
    I think your idea is good :)