December 17, 2010

um, ahhh, ooh, eeeeh

Do you ever happen to have a gift problem? My family will ask me "What do you want for Christmas?". This year I responded, "I would like to buy a new outfit." I've lost weight from being sick and I would just like to have an outfit that doesn't hang off me. Apparently that wasn't what they wanted to hear. Some people don't like to hear you want a gift card, they want to buy you an actual present. So I was left at a loss because I couldn't really think of anything I could tell them to get me. There are things I want but they're more of things I need to find on my own....? I guess because I see things I like but they are too expensive so I look until I can find a similar one cheap. I don't want to say "HAY find something that looks like this!"

I'm going to try and be better about it next year and actually keep a list of things I want or see I like that people can actually buy.

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  1. Oh I know, isn't it frustrating, anticipating gifts that you don't really need just because it's not as fun for people to give you the gifts that you do. This is why I am a Christmas grinch, I don't want to buy people things that will get thrown in the back of the closest - but it takes all the fun out if they know exactly what they're getting.
    I doubt Sweet Baby Jesus needed that ..Murr...or whatever it was he got.

    Also, I really like the new layout :D