September 3, 2010

Old Wives Tale

My step dad and mom recently bought a book that lists thousands of tips and tricks to help with cleaning, cooking, and make up in an alternative fashion. One said in you have a marker stain on your leather rub milk on it. I haven't the foggiest if that's true, i'm not about to mark the leather just to find out. But one we read was about cleaning a chandelier without having to take it down. Just simple have someone stand below it holding an umbrella upside down it will catch all the drippings from your cloth. Its a good idea but I couldn't help think of the superstition of not opening an umbrella indoors. I guess I started to wonder how superstitious people are in modern times or if the kids today even know of them. I don't really follow those like a black cat or glass breaking. I'm more of if a picture frame of a loved one fell over I would be worried and start calling to see if they were okay.

If you would like to see a list of superstitions go HERE

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