September 22, 2010

New at the box office?

Tron: Legacy is based loosely on the game. The story follows Sam Flynn a man who has been searching for his father since he was a child, only to find that his father has been trapped in a game for 25 years. Sam enters the game only to learn things are not what they seem. Can he win? For the majority it is coming out this year, Dec 17. If you want to double check go HERE for release date list. Click HERE if you want to see the trailer!

Sucker Punch is probably the one I am looking forward to most. Though it's not scheduled to release until late March 2011. You can still watch the preview trailer HERE. The story follows a girl who has been institutionalized by her Step-father and to cope with it she dreams of an alternate reality that has everything; dragons, huge metal Samaria, gundums, machine guns, blimps, dancing, etcetera. You tend to forget the movie is based in the 1950s...



  1. My Boyfriend is throwing a party for the TRON.

    I am excited for sucker punch!!

  2. I'm really curious for Sucker Punch, too!

  3. Erin: I think sucker punch is going to be awesome, as I hope Tron will be too.

    Namine: aw, that is cool your bf is throwing a Tron party.