September 27, 2010

The Glorious Ones: Book Review

Flaminio Scala brought out a foxy laughter in me after the first page. What a snarky man he is, this will be hilarious. But I was wrong, not soon after two pages in did those thoughts get dashed from my mind. This was to be a tragedy of many kinds. Each chapter threw me into the view of a different character dealing with what troubled them but all revolving around the life span of the troupe “The Glorious Ones”, the very troupe that Flaminio Scala created himself over a life time.

“The Glorious Ones” was written by Francine Prose and it certainly is a unique read. I find it slightly appropriate that I found this book in the two dollar bin, casted out from the warmth of the main book store, because in ways that was what this book was about, people that didn’t fit in with society or, in ways, with themselves.

Good Points
I found the characters to be solid and raw

Different points of views

Bad Points
Disappointed at first when I realized this was to be a tragedy (since is started off as a dark comedy)

The Ending was equivalent to wanting something and not having the money, only to go back later with the money and finding it gone, you were too late. Not to say I was disappointed by the ending only that I was left with this longing feeling like it wasn’t truly over.

3 out of 5

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