September 17, 2010

Jolly Roger

This Sunday, September 19, is talk like a pirate day! It's a day to be silly and confuse those around you! If you want to participate click HERE to see some common pirate speech and a couple of pick up lines! I also found a page about pirate myths you can check that out HERE.

Here is a pirate comic I found last month that shivered me timbers...ahahahaha! It's called "The Pirate Balthasar" It has a mixture of snarkiness and romance that keeps your attention.

I don't have many pirate movies I like but here we go; Sinbad the sailor (1947) & Treasure Planet.

ALSO if you want to do a little bit more to show your love of pirates! There is an option on your facebook to change it to pirate slang. Go to the bottom of your facebook and you'll see something like English(US) or English (UK)....what ever language you have it set to click that. a box will pop up and you will see a list of langauges. English has a drop down arrow click that and it should be the third one English (pirate). Your page will be full of pirate slang!

On Sunday I will write a post in the best pirate slang I can muster! Hope you beauts and gents have fun this weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I have always wanted to watch the Sinbad movie... I shall have to look for it again! Pirates are awesome!!