July 19, 2010

shh! I'm watching a movie.

Last night I had the chance to watch another silent film. They come on late at night after 11:00pm. But I enjoy them greatly, I get a different experience from them than other films. They are two different things in my opinion. The show last night was Notre Dame de Paris (The hunchback of Notre Dame). It was produced during 1911 in France. The version I watched was centered more around Esmeralda instead of Quasimodo. I'll be honest i've never read the original book so it might be centered around her. I tried to look up a little bit more info but all I could find was that it was rated R, which i'm not really so sure about that. But one unique thing was when they were out side during the day or inside a well lit room they used this bright sepia color but if they were outside during the night they used a deep blue coloring. I guess to help set the mood!

(Click on the image to see a bigger size)


  1. that sounds really cool....I need to find more silent films to watch.

  2. it's been forever since I have watched a silent film and I think it was Mickey Mouse then. It was be interesting to see Esmeralda's side of the story