July 26, 2010

Day 4: Your Sibling

My sister and I have a weird relationship but I think it's one that most sisters have. I could be horrible wrong about that though. Anywho we don't like the same things and we can get on the others nerves but even though we don't have anything in common we have this connection and we can just randomly bust out in song or crack a joke.

When I was young she taught me how to swim by pushing me into the deep end of the pool and how to ride a bike by pushing me down a hill. But she also lent me her jacket to wear when I forgot to wear a bra to school or stand up for me. So we have kind of a yin-yang relationship i guess you could say....

Tomorrow is "Your Dreams"


  1. I've given my sister a goose-egg. Parents weren't to happy about that! I'm a terrible older sister I would never lend my jacket!! :)

  2. Aww, that's so sweet, I kinda wish I had a sister, I've got a younger brother who annoys me a lot, but we definitely get along quite well when we're both in good moods (: That's quite sweet that she taught you to swim + ride a bike!

  3. .......hahahaha Meleonie: I didn't really see it as sweet since she just kind of pushed me in the deep end and hoped I would learn quick....kind of a flight or fight experience either learn quick or your going to drown. hahahaha

  4. Just for the record if you didn't come back to the surface I would have gone in after you! And, you are a great swimmer now ;)