July 23, 2010

Day 1: Your Best Friend

Meleonie is doing a 30 things to blog about. I was initally going to wait until August first to begin but I'm sadly still sick and is dreadfully bored being at home all the time. So with nothing else to blog about I'm starting this early. The first one is "Your Best Friend".

I would like to say I have a handful of best friends... but I don't know. I think this topic is harder than I originally thought. My best friend who I know will always be there for me, never gets bored of me, and puts up with me is without a doubt my boyfriend. I also have friends who I never get to see, that would be you blogger buddies, but they are so sweet and understanding. I also have another friend I never get to see but I know and so does she, that we can call each other crying and the other will do everything in their power to help sooth the pain.

I have a close friend who, although when school is in session I BARELY get to see her but when I do we have a blast. We can talk about music for hours and enjoy creating and crafting. But she is the hardest person to get on the phone, texting she isn't too bad. :D

Tomorrow is "Your Crush-Lover"

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