July 29, 2010

Day 7: Ex-lover or crush

hmm I guess i'll talk about the last guy I dated before Jodi. But I'll use the alias given from a random name generator "Erik". Originally I started talking to Erik because a friend of mine wanted to date him. For about a month I talked to him and finally convinced him to date her...the next day she dumped him. But I had got into the routine of talking to him so we continued. We mostly aimed online after school. Then I asked him out. But it wasn't what I had hoped out of a relationship. During school he barely talked to me, wouldn't hold my hand, or sit with me at lunch. We continued to talk online and that's all we did. I figured we made better friends than couple but after the break up we never talked much after that. I don't blame him either most people don't.

Tomorrow is "Your Favorite Internet Friend"

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