July 9, 2010

Are you Talking to me? .....Maybe!

I have a slight aggravation that I need to let out. I think some people assume that men don't have body issues. Men have problems just like women. Well minus the breast thing, but I personally know men who worry about their hair (One for sure, spends more money on his hair than most women spend on make-up), teeth, abs (or lack there of), skin (acne), and yeah penis size. But I think some assume that since they don't hear about it constantly that it's not an issue. Most men have been taught, I assume half by their fathers and half society, that they aren't supposed to be emotional about things like that, a taboo if you will. I really believe if it was more of a gender accepted emotion for men we would hear about it more. EVERYBODY has issues with their body!! Women can do the exact same thing that they accuse men of. "Oh they always look at those skinny models, they want someone with a small waist and big boobs". Well women do the same thing "Wow that actor is hot, look at his 6 pack!!" It hurts womens feelings and it hurts men's feelings.

Some Links To read:
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Question: What do you think? Do you think men have issues or that they're not as important as women's body problems?


  1. *humming innocently*
    no, i actually do agree with you. i didn't address that assumption of the quoted writer in my last post; i focused on the conclusion she came to FROM the assumption that men have fewer body image problems, because...that was what jumped out at me. but i think you are right, that it's just that whatever the male equivalent of "fat talk" would be is simply less socially acceptable. i'm glad you brought it up.

    i do think a wider range of body types are acceptable for men--though the ideal is as narrow as for women--and that men have historically been judged less on their appearances than women have. which is not to deny that they have struggles in that area too. i actually think the situation's heading downhill for them in that respect, that our culture is getting more image-obsessed in regards to both genders...i know eating disorders are getting more common among males. :/

  2. I am glad you have brought this up. I have been talking to Mr. about such things. He has a whole different perspective and it's very interesting how guys think on their own bodies.

  3. Aha.. I knew it, but I never think about it, about what are the issues really haha.. Glad you brought this up~ Going to check the links :DD

  4. Thank you everyone, I meant this in no negative way to anyone, I just wanted to show that men might not talk about as much as women or worry about the same things but they go through it just like we do.