July 17, 2010

I got into the writing mood

I had a compulsion to write last night and this is what came of it. I tried to write from a guys point of view but it still came out a bit feminine.. hahaha anywhoo there you go. I named it "The Time Keeper"


I had an enemy who I hated more than anything. I wanted nothing more than to wipe away any knowledge of its existence. And I did… I killed Time. But not before I fell in love….

I had the ability to stop time, in my head at first. I would concentrate on nothing until the humming noises around me ceased; a hiding place that I could go to in my head. I went there on July sixteenth…but when the noises stopped I opened my eyes to see everything held still.

There were many things and people frozen but my attention was seized by her. She had dishwater hair that hugged around her neck, freckles that danced across her cheeks down to her arms, brown eyes that held no daggers….

I came closer to her taking in the expression that held her face. It looked so free and content… In some ways I wanted that expression. I brushed her hair behind her ear; she had a scar above her left eye half hidden by her brow. After hesitating I touched the uneven skin, memorized the smooth divots.

She had a piece of paper clutched in her hand, more freckles. With my fingers aligned with hers I opened her hand, it was a train ticket. I closed her hand back securely and walked away. I looked back and saw her walking away.

The noise came flooding back, and all I could do was watch until she turned a corner. Standing under a dying neon sign I came to the decision to follower her. I remembered from the ticket which station she was headed to. At that moment I feared I couldn’t run fast enough.

She was standing there as the train pulled in. She stepped with her left foot, I will always remember that. As I ran up to her the noises melted away, the trained stopped…Confusion weld up in me. I held it in my throat until it burned. Anxiety crept up and seized my body. I knew something was wrong… I tried so hard, so hard to get the noises to come back to assault my ear drums but to no avail. I sat down by the girls feet… waiting

I looked up at the face of this stranger, this girl that I had followed. Rage shot up and brought me to my feet and I yelled at her. Screamed inches from her frozen face but she had no reaction. I cried. She did not consol me nor could she. I didn’t know what to do…
I hugged her, embraced her tight enough to feel a small warmth caught beneath her shell.

I stayed with her, with that content look on her face… the look I always wanted.


  1. Woah. This is really great! Writing from a male's point of view is so hard, but you did it quite well! <3