July 24, 2010

Day 2: Your Crush-Lover

I met Jodi around seven years ago. It was the 8th grade and I had just been inducted into beta club. I was walking down the hall, school was almost out, and I saw Jodi walking down the hall. He only had a wife-beater on since he had been helping the janitor at the time instead of going to the ceremony. He looked at me and did a head-nod.

I HATE THE HEAD-NOD THING! So I, with much enthusiasm, flung my head back in mocking fashion. He thought I was a tard. We didn't see each other again until I was in 9th grade. He was a Junior(11th grade) and we happened to have the same environmental science class. He was such a smart ass hahaha, but I ate it up. We would argue about the most ridiculous things like spelling grammar.

In December we had a back to school/winter dance. His friends dragged him and mine dragged me. We ended up dancing even though he was there with another girl who happens to be the sister of a close friend. ANYWHO... We started hanging not too long after that and then on March 27 (happened to be Easter at the time) he asked me out officially and we have been together ever since.

He knows my past (good and bad), my dreams, my fears, my desires...everything. And I know his. I love that man more than anything.

Tomorrow is "Your parents"


  1. Awwww...and it's all because I brought you out that night. Don't ya love me?? ;)

  2. this is so well written!! That is so fabulous you have been together for so long!! I love hearing stories like this!!

  3. Aww! That is so cute! The head-nod thing is SO annoying! :L That's great that you've been a couple for so long! <3 <3

  4. aww love the little quote you put with this post.
    aww and what a cute story about you two! I hadn't read that about you anywhere yet.