July 1, 2010

grumble...hiss... grr!!!

I have been gravely ill for the past 3 days. I just started feeling better today, i'm hoping tomorrow i can start eating food again. Funny how when you can't keep food down you start craving certain things...

Meleonie was very sweet and passed an award on to me. I am still feeling really light headed so I will do that next post. But thank you it made my day brighter!

When I'm sick I have this ritual and it goes like..

1. navigate to another location! (I hate being in my own bed when i'm sick, i'll either go to the extra bed or couch.)

2. take many baths (makes you feel better)

3. Wash sheets constantly

4. diet consisting of salted crackers, banana popsicles, water, and deluded sprite.

5. watch funny home videos (laughter is the best medicine...next to pain killers)

Question: What do you do when you get sick?


  1. Hope you feel better! Ehhh when I'm sick, I reside on my couch, take a couple of long showers, and catch up with things on my DVR. I think your list beats out mine :p

  2. GET better!
    I usually sleep on a different bed and take steam showers and drink sunnyD

  3. Awwh! I hope you get better, sweet! :) Yay! I'm glad that made you feel a little better, and can't wait to read your post! Urrgh, being sick is horrible. I usually stay in bed and use about 5 pillows to keep me upright and read, otherwise I move to the couch and be a slob watching movies, hah. I also drink this lemon, honey and sugar drink, which is pretty good :D