June 22, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Jackson C. Frank is an old spirit. My mental image of him is something of a wheat plant covered in snow. Jack's life was full of hurdles to over come and even survive...

"When Jackson Frank was 11, a furnace exploded at his school, sending a ball of flames down corridors until it ended up in Frank's music classroom in the Cleveland Hill Elementary School in Cheektowaga, New York. The fire killed fifteen of his fellow students and hospitalized him for seven months. It was during his time in the hospital that he was first introduced to playing music, when a teacher, Charlie Castelli, brought in an acoustic guitar to keep Frank occupied during his recovery. When he was 21, he was awarded an insurance check of $100,000 for his injuries, giving him enough to "catch a boat to England."

He died in 1999 of pneumonia and all though he did not receive the fame he wanted his songs have lived on. For those who don't know Nick Drake, counting crows, and Daft Punk re-did some of his songs or incorporated him in their lyrics. My heart swells when I hear his song "Milk & Honey". You can listen to the song below and I hope you enjoy it.


old and silver is the autumn
Soft and tender are her skies
Yes and no are the answers
Written in my true love's eyes

Autumn's leaving and winter's coming
I think that I'll be moving along
I've got to leave her and find another
I've got to sing my heart's true song

Round and round the burning circle
All the seasons: one, two, and three
Autumn comes and then the winter
Spring is born and wanders free

Gold and silver burn my autumns
All too soon they'd fade and die
And then, oh there are no others
Milk and honey were their lies


  1. That made me sad. What a waste. To me it confirms that there IS no god, when beautiful talented people are robbed of life so young, whilst plastic fucktards like lady gaga (aka The walking Publicity Stunt) reign over the fucking "music" industry...

    i really enjoyed that song- it reminds me of one of those hippy songs from the 60's :) His voice is really soulful and honest too.No affectations or posey shit going on there. Thanks for posting this!

  2. OMG i am so sorry I forgot to put that he was born in the 40s... I am so sorry. He did get to live a long life but it was full of grief and pain. but I agree it's sad when things like that happen... I didn't realize i had left that out.