June 26, 2010

slap in the face or kick in the butt?

I had fun at the luau between being a sneaky (not really) camera ninja to answering peoples questions about cameras. But the whole event as a whole left me with quite a personal problem.

1. I wasn't prepared (didn't have business cards and it rained for the first half..rain got on my lens and I didn't realize that some of the pictures where blurred in the right hand corner BAH)

2. A friend asked me and she wanted to pay me but I always feel really awkward about pricing things like that... talked with another friend about it but I can't help it. I'm in the process of making a site with a price list but I didn't go by that at all.

3. I'm getting better at talking and having conversations but every now and again I don't know how to end them and I end up just kind of giving an awkward laugh and walking off. yeah... smooth.

4. I have absolutely no confidence in my own work.

So those are things that I am dealing with right now and trying to figure out. But anything you get out of an experience is good in my book! Oh and I haven't asked if I can post some of the pictures yet, i'll see about that.

P.s. Book review tomorrow!!


  1. Your work is beautiful!! Can't wait to see pictures. Confidence will come with time. Hugs and hope you had a great weekend

  2. this always makes me nervous and I still have yet to charge so you are doing great then! Just keep offering your services and the more experience you get, the better you will get!