June 7, 2010

Who... Me?

Well I had a lovely lady remind me that I am terribly behind with my 21 before 21 list. I have only done 4 out of the 21. Truthfully some are proving harder than most. Like number 1: go on a road trip without the parents. Well I just happen to live around the states that require you to be 21 to legally rent a hotel room. SOOOO i'm not sure what i'm exactly going to do. I'm going next year with some friends to a convention but it's after my birthday. DARN IT!!

I guess I could sleep in my car but I don't know. Have to really research this more! Also acquiring a job has been difficult. I have put in some resumes but haven't heard anything.

I am NEXT WEEK going to do number 13: paint an art work!! I'm keeping it a surprise but I'm supposed to do it with my friend...if she gets back when we originally planned.

Here is the list if you have NO idea what i'm talking about!


  1. good luck!! At least your are making an effort

  2. Ooh a painting, you say? Do it! And make sure you show us! I miss painting...but my daughter just does NOT listen when i tell her not to touch the wet paint :S
    That sux about the having to be 21 to book a room thing. Maybe you could go somewhere where you can camp? Camping is fun. Except when it rains O.o

  3. yeah! can't wait to see it and read more about how you will check them off! camping is always another option on a roadtrip... :-)I agree with Dolly above!