June 23, 2010

Letter Lover

I am behind on my mailing! I am trying to get things mailed and find smaller boxes so it won't cost as much. I am going to mail something today and hopefully more later this week! So if you are looking for something from me it will be mailed soon i promise!

Sometimes things pop up and we have to turn our attention to that and take care of it and all the fun things get pushed to the side, yes mailing letters is fun, for a later day.

Also if you really love receiving random postcards I would suggest you sign up with postcrossing. You mail a postcard and someone will send you one. It's something to look forward to other than bills!


  1. Oh i am so slack with mailing things...i put it off and put it off..like a lot of things, haha. My theme is: Procrastinators Unite!.........tommorrow

  2. Haha, I'm just like you! I have a few pen-pals, but I get real busy *cough, lazy* and it always takes me about two months to reply... oh well, I make up for lateness in length, heh. Ooh! You do the post crossing project? That's so cool! How many postcards do you send a month? <3

  3. Meleonie: at first you can only send 5 out at a time. When I started i did that but now i'm down to about 1 a month. :)