June 21, 2010

Words Full Of Color

A very lovely blogger, Holly, writes a list every so often about what in her life has brought a smile to her face or made her glow on the inside. I also feel happy and warm after reading them and I don't know this has been a wonderful week and I wanted to write the things that made me feel higher than a kite.

spontaneous fireworks

splattering paint with a dear friend

singing off key to my favorite songs

cleaning out my closet

listening to my grandmother and mother tell stories of the past

My boyfriend and my dad having a dude-day

getting postcards from afar strangers

marking off to-do's from my list

spending an hour talking about nothing but music with a friend

Sorry I have been neglectful of this page recently I have been really, I don't know. But i'll be back and blog till my keys fall off my keyboard. I love you all and I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. that's a great cheerful list!

  2. Aww, glad you had a happy weekend! that's sweet how your boyf and your dad had a "dude day" :) It's always nice when the folks get along with the boyfriend!