June 14, 2010

blink and miss the link!

I found a new e-comic! I have fallen in love with the art. It's so beautiful I am going to buy it soon...when i can get some extra cash. If you too want to buy it go HERE it's not that much, if you just want to read it online go HERE and see the marvelousness!! He also has a website HERE!

During my junior year of high school I didn't eat take out for the whole year. I did go to restaurants but if they could give you food in 10 minutes or less I didn't go. I think I'm going to do that again!! I'm tired of feeling like someone replaced my blood with jell-o.

AND I finished number 8 on my 21 before 21 list. I played a game of poker with my dad late one night when we were bored. I had never played before so he had to explain what the "hands" mean like a royal flush. I LOST! So much for beginners luck! psh. He won with 4 kings! sigh... but I had fun and after I lost we ended up just playing 21 and slap jack until midnight.

Oh and either Wednesday or Thursday DEPENDING ON WHEN MY FRIEND GETS BACK I will get to mark off another item off my list. Paint an art work! I'll post pictures later this week.

P.s. I hope every single one of you are working towards your dreams. What ever they may be. Don't worry what anyone else thinks! Just do what will make you happy. I love you all so much, hugs!


  1. Heya! Sorry for the slackage of the commenting lately!!!!
    I'm stoked that you are managing to cross so many things off your list! I ought to write out my own little list.

    Your p.s. makes me happy ♥

  2. Stephanie! :D
    I just checked out that web-comic! Its REALLY cool!^^ I think I would've kept reading it but unfortunately there's a small pile of homework to be done T_T That's quite cool that you didn't go to any take away outlet for a year, I guess, I'd like to do something like that but not go to any restaurant at all. We barely ever eat fast food in our house, but we go to restaurants quite often :P That's awesome that you completed another thing on your list! :D I've played poker once... weird game. Hah. Have fun painting! That'll be so much fun! :D Btw, I agree with what dollyasylum said! Your PS is so cute! :D ♥

  3. I love comics thanks for sharing it will check it out soon. Poker is interesting. I am horrible at it, no beginners luck for me. It's good you got to play with someone who would at least explain the hands to you.

    You P.S. is awesome!!