June 17, 2010

13. Paint a large artwork

I marked another item off my 21 before 21 list yesterday. A dear friend of mine came over and we had such a blast! We had been planning for a short while about doing some dart-balloon art. It is really simple and we actually hope to do it again, it was so much fun. And in case this sounds like something you would want to do, below is a break down of what I had to use. But I will throw my 2 cents in here, I bought 2 packs of one dollar darts. They were soft points obviously. It took us a little more than an hour to pop 12 balloons because they would bounce off! In the long run WE had a fun time just trying to pop them, but if you were going to do it on a larger scale I would advise a sharper popping tool!! Also don't hope to have all the darts when you're finished,I bought 6, only have 1 1/2 left hahaha!

I was able to do the whole project for $20.44
6 darts
15 balloons
4 paint colors
3 canvas boards
and for free I got a huge tarp from a family member for the floor and tape that I found laying around the house.

If you want to see more photos from yesterday CLICK HERE!


  1. I have never heard of this balloon popping method of painting!!! let me get this right- you fill the balloons with the paint, then pop them to get random painty explosions? FUN!
    Like i said on the other blog just now, the colours remind me of bubblegum icecream, and i am tempted to lick the screen..but i've done that before, and the computer screen never tastes as good as it looks. sadface. Reality is boring.
    You are really powering through that list!

  2. Dolly: yeah I filled the balloons with equal parts water and paint. I couldn't find paint thinner for acrylic paint near me so I had to find a water based paint. But YES it is so much fun. when you finally pop them it's so exciting, I think I screamed every time. HA!

  3. That sounds like a fun (and potentially VERY messy) activity to try with my daughter sometime! Ooh,and wouldn't it be cool to do the popping thing, then when the paintings are dry, incorporate all the gorgeous patterns into a new picture again... a random artwork based on chance! (which it already is, but yeah, i can see myself getting excited and wating to keep pushing it ;) )

  4. Dolly: Oh yes the potential to be messy is there. I had to do it inside because it rains a lot where I live. But I did it in the basement and put tarp on the floor. I didn't fill the balloons full because I was afraid if i did it would splatter out more. A few bits of splatter did go out but it wasn't a problem for me because...it was the basement we already had paint on the floor previously.

    I really hope you get to do this I think you two would love it!