June 25, 2010

Aloha....yeah i'm dorky that way.

So I have been asked or hired I suppose by a friend to take pictures during her Hawaiian themed party. So I will be at that until later tonight! I don't know if I will post pictures of it since I'm taking them for her and she's paying... if she gives permission I will post a few but no promises!

Also my mother and I went spontaneously shopping after lunch because I originally asked if I could borrow her jean jacket but it was too heavy (it's 98 degrees here and humid). So we went in search of one to call my own! And found an awesome deal on a full length jacket(for some reason the half cut jackets that stop just a wee bit past your boobs are in style...I hate them)and it's light enough to wear tonight but heavy enough I could wear it during early fall. I will post pictures later!! I also got 3 other items but more on that another time!

I picked up a book on mythology the other day and have been buried in it. I love Greek mythology and learning new things about it I didn't know is just awesome to me! I'm only 3 chapters in and it has 20... SO MUCH TO LEARN!! and so many names i'm having trouble pronouncing..

Well the battery for my camera are fully charged I must leave you now! I hope you all have an interesting night may it be out with friends or at home watching a random show. Huggles!!


  1. i'm totally with you on the cropped jackets...ditto for cropped sweaters.