November 16, 2009

Random File Dump Week!

From November 16, 2009 till November 21, 2009 I will be “Dumping” files, videos, comics, music, photos, and websites that I have bookmarked. I need to do some winter cleaning and freeing up some space is definitely part of that! Hope you find something you like!!

Movie: Afterschool

Robert is a young American student at an elite East Coast preparatory school who accidentally captures on camera the tragic death of two classmates. Their lives become memorialized as part of an audio-visual assignment designed to speed up the campus-wide healing process. But the video memorial assignment results in an atmosphere of paranoia and unease among students and teachers. - Synopsis


You can find pretty much anything random here.

Video: Lost World by NeverendAMV

This video is a collaboration from the new anime Kara No Kyoukai. Ever since I saw this amv I have wanted to watch it. Lovely.

Photo: Daniel Davison

Sometimes when I get bored I will go to and look through the past 7 days. I happened by this lovely photo taken by Daniel Davison. He has some truly beautiful shots.

E-comic: Alternate

Nozmo "Jasmine" created Alternate in late 2006! Alternate is truly a fresh style among e-comics. The art it self is unique and the story line is hilarious and airy. I was drawn in (hahaha comic humor) by the exaggerated expressions of the characters. No soap-opera drama will be found within these electronic pages!

Random Word of the day from
Hoi Polloi: The common people generally; the masses. Greek for "the many."

Random slang of the day from
Bike-curious: A man interested in buying a Harley motorcycle.


  1. oooh - love this idea! Daniel Davison = great find.

  2. Oh, the anime looks really good. Do you actually watch it?? I am so gonna see if I can find it now!
    Love the picture by Daniel Davison.
    And the comic looks fun. I am gonna add it to my comic list!!

  3. Namine: I haven't watched it yet, I really want to. It looks so good.