November 19, 2009

Random File Dump Week! Extreme Etsy Dump

Why Extreme? Well I guess because there are so many to post about. I literally went through all my Etsy favs. These are the ones that still show up, some links were broke or so old they didn't work. >.> I need to clean more often

P.s. Sorry for not posting yesterday, lot to deal with, but to make up the file dump will last till Sunday instead of Saturday as previously intended!

The Half Blood Prince inspired Journal by Celeste Fittata

These are so amazing especially if you are a Harry Potter Fan. She has a journal for almost every class mentioned in the books. If my text books looked like these I would probably read them more often.

Glitter Bears found at Miss Sapporo

I have actually bought from her before, she is an absolute sweetheart! Her store is full of cutesy items, bows, stickers, and more.

A Bundle of Three by Bitowhimsyprims

These are adorable, she has many more animals and even some cute doll inspired ones as well.

Snow Bunny by Moon Creations

These are too cute! Moon Creations even makes a few that the proceeds are donated to charity. This one is from her special holiday themed section.

Tune Ring by Rickson Jewellry

You can get the ring specially made with what ever tune you want, I think it is a great idea, especially if you happen to hold a very special song close to your heart.

Holiday Ring by Stoopid Gerl

If it's cute and glittery this groovy chick will have it!

Nevermore tee by Binery Winter

These guys have many steam-punk inspired tees but this happens to be my favorite.

Grow Together by The Paper Apartment

GAH! I love this, the pale colors the clean lines. Beautiful

The Book Of Good Thoughts by Gild Book Binders

The Gild has a large selection of old looking journals. This one is from there small Journal section but they have many sizes!

Erasers by Jujubee555

If you are looking for a weird present for someone or just love kooky erasers this is the shop for you. Need a hotdog eraser? Maybe a Hamster one?

found at Pardon My Vintage

This lady has such a great selection of vintage treasures! But hurry because once they're sold, that's it!

found at Poetic Home

It's hard to find a working typewriter but Poetic home happens to rustle them up for the taking!

Wire Sculpture by Catherinetterings

Can you do this with wire? Look at all the detail. It's amazing what this lady can do with metals and wires. She evens makes some you can wear from rings to necklaces.

Leaves by Lynn Cardwell Pottery

These are actually made from real leaves. These gorgeous leaves can lighten up a table for the holidays by putting a tea candle in the center. She also makes beautiful mugs and bowls.

Canvas Gift
by Geezees

Want something different for your special day? Try a canvas of you two with your own person message!

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  1. Quite possibly to coolest typewriter I've ever seen!