November 20, 2009

Random File Dump Week! DIYs and Cool Links

Friday's File Dump mainly involves DIY sites and cool links that I have kept for a long time in my bookmarks. I also want to let you in on a little something something!! I have something special coming up, can't really tell you what it's going to be a surprise but I can't wait to start it!! ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

DIY: How to make Marble Magnets

DIY: How to stencil a shirt

Comic: Sequential Art (Click for larger picture)

DIY: How to make a Harajuku Punk Shirt

DIY: Chair reupholstered

DIY: How to make a guitar bag

DIY: Corset

Comic: Noses Optional (Click for larger picture)

Other Cool Links to check out!

Mythology and folklore dictionary

Top 10 incredible recordings

How to make a chalkboard calendar



  1. Ahh thankyou lovely,
    These are wonderful :)
    I love the corset - it's beautiful,

  2. KNEW IT! the harajuku shirt girl was on project runway. :)