November 8, 2009

A List of Favorites

I have a personal list of cars that I would love to own and or drive in my life time! I have one itsy bitsy problem though. I always chose cars that I can't really drive. I had to learn how to drive a stick or manual before my parents would let me get my license. I just hate driving one. I greatly appreciate who ever invented the automatic! I learned that you can take a manual car and turn it into an automatic but it's extremely expensive. Le sigh.

1. Volkswagen Van

2. No idea what this is called, I know it's either a French or Italian car.

3. Mini Cooper

4. Austin Healey Sprite

5. Volkswagen Beetle

8. It's a honda ...not sure what model.

If you didn't notice I love round circular head lights.


  1. lol to fun!! I would rather someone else drove me!!

  2. My dad has a VW van, it's so cool. Especially when we go camping in it, it's like a little house, though I don't stay in it much now I am older. Whenever my dad drives past someone in a VW van they do this little wave at each other, it's like this secret society of VW owners, he loves it!

    When, or IF, I learn to drive I want a mini cooper, but a BRIGHT pink one :D
    But wow, that second car is amazing. I think I want one of them now!

  3. That is awesome it makes me want one even more now!

  4. A hippie bus! I dig it.

    As for me...have you heard of the Karmann Ghia?

  5. OOH I just looked it up, that is a sweet car.

  6. Love it! My first car when I was 16 was a VW baby blue van - I loved him! Thanks for the flashback!

  7. i have always wanted an old VW bug or a VW bus, but my dad would never consider it. he says they're not safe for a crash because there's no engine in the front, but i waaaant one! haha, sorry i think i was whining.