November 7, 2009


I am freaking out! FREAKING OUT MAN!! Sorry I had a huge project that had to be submitted via email into a drop box on our schools website. Well I went to go submit it and it wouldn't let me. It said the dropbox was full. Which is not my problem it's the teacher's. It means that the folder created to hold all the projects was to small. No problem i'll send it to her in a email through the website. WRONG, my file was to big for the email...damn. So I tried sending it through my own personal email and it sent. Woot I felt better. I went out with some friends to play pool since my worries had subsided only to come home with a "Mail-Daemon" which means it didn't go through. Why didn't it send. Her personal email was full. double damn. So I'm a little worried at this point. I know I had it completed within the time frame given and I have screen shots to prove all this if she needs it but i'm still worried this is a major grade on my part.

I've been listening to Japanese rock/metal to calm my nerves...

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  1. Oh my goodness. What a scary feeling, but you did your work and you can show her etc.
    You will be fine. :):)