November 17, 2009

Random File Dump Week! In Honor Of Pixie

Today Jodi's cat, Pixie, passed away due to leukemia. We have been very depressed since we were told. She loved Jodi. She would nozzle him, sit in his lap when he played video games, and sleep on his chest when he slept. I want this post to honor her.

Pixie Mittens Terry: October 2008 - November 2009 (We will always love you)

Book: Varjak Paw

Varjak is about this really brave cat that is more than meets the eye and comes to the rescue of the other cats.

Recipe: Broccoli Chicken

When ever Jodi and I would get Chinese take out Pixie would try and get the broccoli from Jodi's box.

Gift: String-Ring

Besides the fact that kitties like string, I found this ring about a year or so ago and fell in love with the idea. Long ago people would tie a string around their finger to remember something.

Flower: Pixie

Jodi and I decided to plant some flowers in Pixie's honor. I tried to find a flower with the name pixie in it. This is what I found. If it's not the true name, I don't mind it's still a beautiful flower.

Gift: Pepsi Cola Hello Kitty

This is made out of recycled cans, they have more in different cans.

Gift: Bring it on!

Pixie wasn't afraid of anything really, she would play with dogs and win.

E-Comic: Dream Catchers

Alexisneo started the e-comic "Dream Catcher" February 2008. It's a cute story about a young girl who is afraid of everything! EVERYTHING! These two dream catchers come to help her get over her fears before they consume her!


  1. This was a sweet way to honor Pixie =]
    The pepsi Hello Kitty is so rad!

  2. i gave you an award on my blog :)

  3. ohhw. I'm sorry to hear how things turned out. :( *hugs*