April 9, 2009

Spring is some what here....kinda

"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush."
-Doug Larson

Thank goodness spring is coming soon! The seasons are playing leap-frog shifting back and forth from spring to winter. One day it's nice, bright, and close to 70 degrees. The next it's cold, snowing, and 40 degrees. To help spring break through the harsh winter here's a list of things I love about Spring!!

~Spring List~

1. Spring Cleaning
2. Slushies and fruity drinks
3. bright flowers
4. lady-bugs and butterflies come out
5. Spring break....or the thought of summer break ;)
6. Bright Blue skies
7. Bright colors in general
8. Longer Days
9. Short sleeves and short dresses
10. sitting on the porch and reading a good book

Speaking of books...my favorite spring themed books are

Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews
Off Balance by Mary Sheepskanks
Coffee and KungFu

And currently reading...
The idiot girl's action adventure club

Some favorite Movies to watch in spring...

King of California
Son of Rambow
What a Girl Wants
Calendar girls
About a Boy

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