April 17, 2009

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The story begins at a bar with an old friend telling director Ari about a recurring nightmare where he is being chased by 26 ravenous dogs. The friend asks Ari if he has any dreams from the war but Ari can not remember that period of his life at all. The two men conclude that there's a connection to their Israeli Army mission in the first Lebanon War of the early eighties. Intrigued by this riddle, he decides to meet and interview old friends and comrades around the world. He needed to discover the truth about that time in his life. As Ari delves deeper into the mystery, his memory shoot back up in surreal images. Majority of the voices are the actual person. All his friends did their own voices for the movie including Ari himself. This is a true story that the director Ari wanted to make. Even though it is based on himself you will experience other war stories from his friends. This is an Israeli film and not in English, but there are subtitles.

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You can listen to one of the songs they play during the movie. It's called "This is not a love song" by PIL

I really enjoyed this movie but I will say that it's not for a young audience. There are graphic parts and nudity.

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