April 20, 2009

Nit-Picking My Day

I decided I was fed up with my constant fatigue since August last year. So I wrote down practically everything I did today. I'm hoping I can find a pattern and or just figure out what's up...

Here we go, I'm going to be honest about this.

Before we start I would like to say I'm not the healthiest human being. I'm 130 pds, 5f 6in and have a roll when I sit down. So there you go.

-I went to sleep at 12:30am
-woke up at 7:45am because of my cat, went back to sleep
-woke up at 8:30am
-Check mail
-take a shower and get ready
-Eat 1 piece of toast, drink 1 mug of water, take medication
-Go to post office and mail a package
-Drive an hour to class (interstate)
-Arrive 10 minutes before class starts
-We got out of class early so I ended up sitting in the hallway waiting 25 minutes for next class
-Next class went over 5 minutes
-Drive an hour back home (Back road)
-spent 3+ hours on homework (2-5:30pm)
-Ate 2 personal sized bags of chips and take a glass of sweet tea while doing homework
-Watched about 45 minutes worth of CSI
-Started to feel not to well, tired & heavy head
-Cooked dinner and ate around 7pm, Pasta and meat sauce, 1 slice of bread, glass of tea
-Went to see the boyfriend, watched trailers and funny videos, went to wal-mart
-Bought bright colored clips and nail polish because I had a "I want to be a girly girl moment"
-Tried and Failed to paint my nails... I've failed as a woman.

...I've only painted my finger nails once in my life and my toe nails maybe twice that. I sometimes get these moods where I want to try and be girly... and I usually fail at it which only makes me feel worse. I ended up removing it and feeling very deflated. The clips look good though but I bought them because my hair cut didn't go right and I need to have it fix. So not feeling real high on the totem girl poll right now. blah...

Found the picture at TeamSugar

So far I would say that my sleep pattern sucks
My food intake sucks
And my own personal self esteem sucks


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself! The travel probably isn't helping.
    I was travelling 1.5 hours each way to classes and uni every day and I was EXHAUSTED. Since I was given the opportunity to work from home I feel so much better, even when times are stressful!

    I find some foods make me tired too, no matter how good they taste. Too many stodgy processed things make me drop dead. I try to avoid them when i'm already run down.

  2. I wish I had something to say to make it all go away and give you a huge amount of self esteem. I hope you get a boost soon.

    I don't know if it will help but I usually read allot when I am down. My favorite and I have probably read it three times now is What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter.

  3. Next time I come in for the weekend I will show you how to paint your nails. I have failed you as an older sister!

  4. *hugs*

    Hey, isn't there supposed to be a lunch somewhere in there?