April 14, 2009

Random Tuesdays

I came across these actually trying to find someone else a gift, but this would be a very good gift for me! :)

you can buy them here and they're only $14.00, why haven't I got one yet. Well it's simple, I is broke! :p

My favorite is Silly Billy, the one in the picture. There are three to chose from but Soul(green one) is selling out fast and once they're gone, they won't be making any more. Must come up with $14...gah!!

Some other things I found this week.....

The days of the week were based off old gods. You can check out the list here...

Sunday: sun's day,
Monday: moon's day
Tuesday: Tiw's day (Tiw was a war god)
Wednesday: Woden's day (Chief Norse god)
Thursday: Thor's day (Thundergod)
Friday: Frigga's day (Chief Norse Goddess)
Saturday: Saturn's day (God of Time)

Etsy Finds....

This shop, GILDBookbinders, makes the coolest old English looking books. I set the link to go to my favorite book but you can look at more of their works on the page.

PeppermintDaydreams, she makes awesome sketches and cards. Again the link is set to my favorite of them but you can navigate from there.

And last but not least, no certainly not least...I plan on getting hitched in a few years. So I can't say I haven't been looking at things for it. I came across this ring made by Jordanesque on etsy. I absolutely love that ring, it looks like bark, but sadly it is not my size. For I have very small hands you see. I wear a 5 and this is a 7 1/2.....woo is me. I will find another, or force the ringmaker to make a second in my size. I guess we'll see in a few years ;)


  1. I have dolls like those. But mine are called Kokeshi dolls. My brother and sister sent them to my mother and I when they lived in Japan.

    That is such an interesting ring; I've never seen anything like it before.
    That journal is fabulous too! I'd love to write on those pages.