April 28, 2009

My Personal list of what I want to do before I die

Many of my lovely fellow bloggers Shelby, Cuileann, and Liv have posted their lists of what they want to do in 5 years or before they die.

I too have a list and I tend to add to it so that might make it hard to finish it haha

Without further ado here is my list

Get the nerve to Bungee jump

Visit the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

See the Northern Lights

Ride in a hot air balloon

visit the peter pan statue, churches, Stonehenge, and drink tea in London, England
(Photo below: Peter pan statue)

have a stranger tell me i'm beautiful

See all my friends graduate from college

Visit our family, the black Forrest, the tree lady, Bamberg, in Germany

go to a Cirque De Soleil performance

to know what its like to be in 0 gravity

Visit Barcelona and see the Sagrada Familia started by Gaudi (It's not open to the public yet but you can walk by it, it should be finished by 2030)
(Photo below: Sagrada Familia)

start my own company and name it *PinkAppleCore*

own my dream house *cottage on Never Never Lane*

Get Married

visit old castles, vast green valleys, faerie mound, find a 4-leaf clover in Ireland

visit the streets and homes and eat an Italian dinner in Italy

Visit the big Ferris wheel, sing in a karaoke bar, shinjuku area in tokyo, Japan *If you know me, I hate Ferris wheels and I figured if i was going to concur my fear I might as well do it on the biggest ones out there...*
(photo below: Big Ferris wheel in Japan)

Meet Denise, in New York, one day (A really important friend that I want to meet in person)

Throw a dinner party for my friends

Publish my book *The Apple Revolution 1,2, and 3* (Not finished)

Change someones life for the better

visit the little mermaid statue and castle hill in Hungary
(Photo below: Castle Hill)

I would like to meet the some of the people I’ve met on blogger ( added from Cuileann's list)

Have a room full, top to bottom, with books **If I had one room in my house that looked like this, I would be a very happy person**
(Photo below: Shakespeare's book store)


  1. Wow! What a fantastic list! It's strange, I can write a 5 year plan, but a list like this I would really struggle with.

    I love the idea of having a room filled with books though :) x

  2. your list is epic!! i admire your traveling and adventurous spirit!! <3 if you complete any of these - you must let us know!

  3. I love the dinner party ambition. Dinner parties always seem like the height of sophistication to me...