April 16, 2009

Random Thursday

For 2009 I decided to take all my scrap pieces and make a quilt out of them. I haven't had much time to work on it but here is what I have so far. My Great grandmother use to quilt with old dresses she would get at the dime store. I still have them. I'll up load that photo on another day.

porcupine by badbird at Etsy

Raccoon by SandraHealy at Etsy

Hedgehog by SandraHealy at Etsy

Key Lime Pie and Pumpkin Pie hand soap at UncommonGoods

My Favorite shoes of almost 4 years are falling apart...sigh.. I loved those shoes

My day journal/planner of 1 year also fell apart on me yesterday. To many things breaking

Poppy Journal by BlueToad at Etsy

OK I actually did a "EEEIII" out load when I saw these!! They would be the perfect wedding cake topper for us!! Phew, hehe sorry I got alittle excited!
Mr. & Mrs. Bunny by Kikuike at Etsy

Do I love the toppers? Yes
Would I spend that much money for them($155)? No
Would I buy polymer clay and attempt them myself? Yes
Would they be as good? No
Would they still be special? Yes

Have a good Thursday!!!


  1. Very cute, but Holy cow!!! $155? Do they have golden cores?

  2. the scraps quilt is looking good so far!!