April 19, 2009

Feeling Tired???

Since August of last year I have had a severe case of fatigue and well over all tiredness. I haven't been sleeping well and wake up tired.

I decided to do some research...

Some causes of fatigue are

Anemia: which can happen when a woman has a very heavy period. The loss of blood leads to a deficiency of hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to other parts of your body. When your tissues and organs don't get enough oxygen you start to feel fatigue. You can go to a doctor and get a blood test to find out.

Under Active Thyroid: It's a butterfly shaped gland that sits at the back of your neck and helps control your metabolism. When it's working slow...so do you. Again blood test is needed to find out.

Caffeine OVERLOAD: which most of us all know to be too much coffee, tea, or coke drinks. Most people grab one for energy because of the sugars but in some women it can have the opposite effect and you become fatigued.

Things that can help...

Eating breakfast: I eat breakfast almost every day and it doesn't really help. I think what they mean is eating a productive breakfast with cereal and fruit instead of an egg-bacon-buttermilk biscuit.

Stay hydrated: My psychology teacher was talking about this one. Apparently research was done and concluded that almost every adult suffers from acute dehydration. I tried drinking 8 glasses and it just made me have to use the bathroom more than normal. 8 glasses is also just an average, the more you do the more water you need.

No caffeine after noon: I'm not really aware of how much caffeine I intake.

Dress nicer: Seriously?? Apparently dressing nicer, leaving the sweats and tees in the closet, will make you feel better. I'll try when I have more time to actually spend with getting ready.

Some others are....

Venting your feelings, Listening to music, belly breathing (which is long breaths instead of short chest breaths), and de cluttering your space.

I'm going to Monday make a list of my activities, how I dress, and what I eat/drink. See if I can fix this problem.


  1. I have sleeping issues. I find that doing yoga stretches before bed helps as well as taking a brisk walk in the morning. Dressing up actually does help, though I have no idea why.

  2. Ugh. Tiredness is such an affliction. I hope you sort out the cause as well -- or at least a solution.

  3. I think exercise kind of battles fatigue. I mean...on paper it doesn't make any sense. But I swear it works. It makes me sleep so well at night, and I feel brighter during the day.

    I struggled with fatigue my freshman year of college. It kind of made me sick to my stomach some days. I had a really, insanely irregular sleep schedule. Maybe that's an issue?

    Your breakfast sounds absolutely delicious. I'm not so sure I'd be prepared to give up an egg and bacon biscuit for granola. Although...this is coming from a girl who eat chicken noodle soup or Spaghettios for breakfast.

    I don't know if dressing up will actually do anything to relieve fatigue, but I'm sure it will boost your confidence.