February 18, 2010

What the heck....

News: A friend of mine just had her baby!

Two books that I can not wait to read. They are both interesting and different in their own special way. The book of Awesome is a list of 1000 awesome things but what makes this special is something you need to read for your self. Thank you Brooke for posting this, I read it and now I'm passing it along to you.

One Line a Day is exactly what it sounds like, This lady wrote one sentence a day for five years and compiled it into a book. It seems like a very interesting way to write a book to me.

Now here is the "What the heck" part of the post. I witnessed something crazy last night. I was driving to go pick up my boyfriend. It was a red light so I was just waiting when I looked to my left and see a small compact car driving backwards. YES, backwards. He then turned and backed into this small store. Then a crazy lady in shorts holding a pipe comes running at his car. He peels out of there heading in the opposite direction. She's standing in the middle of the intersection watching him drive away and then turns around and starts walking back from where she came. I watched her and she had parked her car across the road so no one could go down the road. I had a green light so I thought to my self....hmmmm I think i'll go the long way around. craziness!!

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  1. WTH? LOL. Congrats to your friend on her baby and hope you have a good weekend.