February 8, 2010

Are You Bored?

We all get bored but there are those few times were we get so bored that we get upset and mad. You get the feeling that you don't have a life and that's not a great feeling. So if you ever find yourself extremely bored here are some websites to blow away the blues.

Ever wanted to poke jello but your mom said don't play with food?
Mess with Jello

Like to make random noises?
make funky Music

Does it make you feel better to read about others misfortunes?

Reading about someone else's good day make you smile?

Like to take quizzes but hate when facebook posts it when you obviously pressed "ignore" and now everyone knows you took the "how long should your penis be" quiz...

Ever wanted to know if your phone number makes a word but to lazy to do all the possible options
Phone number

Ever read, watched, or listened to something and wanted more..
This one next!

Want a good giggle
Dirty Sounding words..


  1. OMG these are totally awesome!! LOVE the drumset!!

  2. hey! My comment didn't post again!? Sigh.
    I checked out the musicy one- what fun! I typed out my name and it sounded really cool :)
    I'm off now to giggle in a juvenile fashion over some dirty sounding words :)