February 20, 2010


Hello lovely love love loves!! For those wondering where the heck I have been, here is the dealio! hahaha I'm being weird tonight....I think it's the paint fumes..

So My sister moved out a while ago and I had been thinking about moving into her room. Her's was bigger than my room by far. She had painted it a dark brown color. It was a pretty color but far to dark for me.

Ha, I took this picture before I painted over it. Just to show what colors the room has previously been painted. Yellow, Pink, blue.....

AND here it is!!!! It's taken two days but TA-DA!!!

I'll take more pictures as I get moved in and start decorating it the way I want it!

Hope you all are having an AWESOME weekend


  1. YOU PAINTED MY ROOM!!! I am so sad...

  2. so exciting!! I love moving and decorating!!

  3. What a difference colors can make. I like the bright outcome.

  4. I love it, such a nice colour and I'm sure it will look fantastic when you've moved all your things in :D