February 2, 2010

Blogger of the Month- February

February's Blogger of the Month is some one I have known on Blogger for a while now. Her name is Em, She is so sweet and loves to blog. Em has blogs among blogs. She writes stories on some, movie review on another, and her recent one that you'll read more about below.

Blog Related Questions

How or why did you start blogging?
I started blogging when I was hanging out with my mom and she showed me and made me one. Soon I figured I didn't just have to write about silly things and I could put up reviews, stories, and spread the word on causes. Blogger really gives us so many possibilities.

Besides Blogging what are some other passions of yours?
I absolutely love writing and movies (if you couldn't tell). Without those two things I don't know what I would do. I love listening to music, running, and editing photos on this cool site called Picnik. Hanging out with my friends and family is also fun. Amusement parks are also I think the best place to go to (either than the beach, library or movies) so you can see me hanging out there often!

Care to explain what “Pains of being Skinny at Heart” is and how others can get in on it?
The Pains of Being Skinny at Heart is a support blog for girls with eating disorders or who are struggling with depression. Anyone is welcome though. To get in on the blog though is by just commenting or following. I hope to put up something where people can donate money soon though. I want to start a camp/retreat for girls to go and meet other like them and talk to them. Basically TPOBSAT is just about spreading the word about problems girls have and making a difference.

In what way would you say blogging has helped you?
It improves my writing by A LOT. And I mean it too, getting such great comments really helps and it gets my name out there. It's Em if you didn't know that. Hah, well I just have to say this is definitely the best place to start out if you want to get recognized though. Some other websites are like High School, they have all the cliques and when you start off, you’re a loner! This place is way more welcoming.

What advice would you give to bloggers just starting out?
Don't procrastinate! The more you blog, the more you learn and the better you get! You're also more likely to get readers if you frequently update. They won't comment if your last post was too long ago. They'll most likely think you don't blog anymore :P

Have you ever met some of your blogger friends in person?
Well I have gotten some of my best friends to blog so yes. But someone I met through Blogger. No. I live in Southern California and it seems that all the people I talk to on Blogger live all over the place!

Random Questions

What are your favorite websites to visit everyday?
I have to say I have grown a slight addiction to Twitter so I check that frequently :P Of course my email and blogger and occasionally Facebook when up to it. I have to say I don't watch tons of Youtube videos or go on Myspace.

Can you list come of your favorite tunes to sway to?
1)Mushaboom (both normal and remix version) by Feist 2)Help I'm Alive by Metric 3) You Can't Fail Me Now by Loudon Wainwright III 4) Set You Free by The Black Keys 5) See U in the Dark by Honor Society 6) First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes 7) Run by Vampire Weekend 8) Caring is Creepy by The Shins 9) Electric Feel by MGMT 10) Let Go by Frou Frou
Those were my top ten all time favorites :)

Is there something you are really looking forward too?
Other than the bright sunny days of Summer, not really. Though I am very excited for Alice in Wonderland to come out! Yeah, I love movies.

If your style had a name what would it be?
Something pretty awesome. I have grown from graphic tees and jeans to v-necks, jeans, and cool skirts. Now I say I like plain and simple with a kick. My personality reeks of artist apparently so I guess I would call it Em...for well me.

Would you rather write on paper or type on a computer?
Typing is a lot easier and quicker to get ideas out but I think seeing your writing on paper gives you the ability to see your mistakes a lot easier. I'm lazy so I would probably pick typing on a computer, because you can so easily send and post your stuff up. But I have to say writing because you can't bring a computer with you everywhere! It's so much easier to just bring a mini notepad and a pen.

Extra Questions: Carousel or Ferris wheel?
Ferris Wheel, something about it seems so magical. A carousel just seems like your lost in a crowd while music is blaring and images are flying past you.


  1. I am so excited for Alice in Wonderland, too. :)

  2. Girls rocking that tacky hat!

  3. I can't wait for Alice!
    Aww, she seems lovely! Dig the cute fuzzy hat :)